Indirect Cost

Indirect Cost Allocation Plan - Develop and prepare detailed indirect cost allocation plan in accordance with OMB, based on actual  financial information. Work with leadership to identify all opportunities for a successfully negotiated rate with the IBC. 

  • Review the Tribes data collection worksheets allocation bases indirect cost pools and methods of distributing costs for appropriateness and to identify alternative methodologies which may favorably impact indirect cost recoveries
  • Incorporate strategies and procedures that may be superior in terms of potential recovery
  • Instruct designated personnel in the specifics of indirect costing including cost analysis and cost flow structuring statistical collection and development techniques interviewing plan summarization and organization theory of computation and plan implementation Identify available data which can be effectively incorporated into the indirect cost allocation plans and determine opportunities for simplifying data collection activities for future plans
  • Monitor recoveries to ensure that all allowable recoveries are realized
  • Identify opportunities to back claim indirect costs on grants that remain open or to offset indirect costs against costs questioned or disallowed under audit
  • Identify opportunities to utilize indirect costs as matching or inkind costs in conjunction with federalstate programs
  • Analyze current and proposed federally funded programs the contribution of central services to their operation and the existing and potential recovery of indirect costs
  • Identify opportunities to utilize full overhead costs for internal management and budgetary purposes internal charging for full overhead costbased direct billing and as a foundation for user charge determination