At our firm, we are dedicated to empowering tribal nations with financial sovereignty and self-determination. Our mission is to generate active participation, management, and ownership of finances and economic standing by providing tribal leadership with the tools to exercise sovereignty confidently.

We accomplish this mission by conducting comprehensive analyses to identify missed opportunities already present in our clients' financial portfolios. Our approach differs from others through the development of complete packages that safeguard all risks, provide continuity, and ultimately enable our tribal clients to become self-sufficient and autonomous in managing their economic futures.

Through our specialized expertise in tribal government accounting and finance, we stand committed to upholding the principles of sovereignty, self-governance, and nation-building for the tribes we serve. Our tailored solutions promote fiscal responsibility, optimize resource allocation, and create pathways for sustainable economic growth aligned with each tribe's values and long-term vision.

Osage Owned Business
Osage Owned Business

Tasha Fox - Fox Accounting


2020 Most Powerful Women in Accounting (AICPA)

Meet Tasha Fox

highly accomplished Certified Public Accountant (CPA) and passionate equestrian hobby rider. With a strong background in financial management and a keen eye for detail, Tasha has excelled in her role as Controller for the Osage Tribe, a sovereign nation with a tri-part government. Let's dive into her impressive journey and notable achievements:

Controller for the Osage Tribe

As the Controller for the Osage Tribe, Tasha expertly handled all controllership duties while also fulfilling the responsibilities of the Chief Financial Officer (CFO). The Osage Nation, classified as a nonprofit organization under IRC Section 7871, operates as a sovereign entity and is considered a state in terms of taxation and regulations.

In her role, Tasha effectively managed the Treasury department, overseeing a team of 21 professionals with 12 direct reports. She led various essential functions such as accounts payable, accounts receivable, payroll, procurement, travel, receiving, inventory, and fixed assets.

Demonstrating her exceptional financial acumen, Tasha successfully managed an average annual revenue of $90 million, supplemented by a $30 million Permanent fund. A significant portion of the revenue, around $30 million, derived from grants, contracts, compacts, and self-governance initiatives.

Under Tasha's leadership, the Osage Tribe received unqualified opinions on all external audits conducted during her tenure. She ensured compliance with auditing standards, including the annual requirement of a single audit.

Software Implementation

Tasha's proficiency in software implementation and utilization has been instrumental in streamlining operations and enhancing efficiency within the organization. She spearheaded various software implementations, such as integrating outsourced payroll data into the accounting software, implementing budget and procurement software to directly interface with the accounting system, and transitioning to electronic approval processes, making the organization virtually paperless.

Additionally, Tasha played a pivotal role in revamping the Indirect Cost processes, reallocating charges based on the Multiple Rate Method. Through her negotiations with the Interior Business Center, she successfully recovered missed opportunities totaling over $2.6 million. Going forward, the Osage Nation now employs an allocation model that provides an accurate representation of operational costs, ensuring precise charges to funding sources and awarding agencies.


Recognized for her exceptional contributions, Tasha was named one of the "2020 Most Powerful Women in Accounting" by the American Institute of Certified Public Accountants (AICPA). She was also honored as a "Controller of the Year/Not-for-Profit Runner-Up" by the Controllers Council. Tasha's expertise and insights have been featured in prominent platforms such as the AICPA ENGAGE Conference and the Controllers Council's "Academy Awards of Corporate Accounting and Finance" webcast.

Outside of her professional accomplishments, Tasha's love for equestrianism shines through as she indulges in hobby riding during her leisure time. Her dedication and passion extend beyond the corporate realm, showcasing her well-rounded personality.

Tasha's remarkable journey and exceptional achievements have positioned her as a respected leader in the field of accounting. With her expertise, innovative mindset, and unwavering commitment to excellence, Tasha continues to make significant contributions to the financial success of the Osage Nation.