Tasha Fox Accounting

Empowering Tribal Economic Sovereignty Through Accounting Excellence


Audit Preparation

With our audit preparation services, you can rest assured that your organization is well-prepared for a successful audit, minimizing disruptions and maximizing efficiency throughout the process.

Indirect Cost

Optimize your Indirect Cost Recovery with our method. Our thorough process will review allocation methods, cost pools, procedures, and recovery opportunities to optimize the plan and ensure all allowable indirect costs are realized through various strategies.

Finance Department Assessment

Enhance Your Financial Management with Our Expert Assessment. By closely examining your accounting functions and software, we identify areas for improvement and provide a prioritized action plan to optimize your financial environment.

OMB Training

Strengthen your Fiscal Management through our OMB Uniform Guidance Training. Our expert team is dedicated to empowering organizations with the knowledge necessary to navigate the complexities of grant compliance.

Accounting Software Training

Our expert-led training programs are designed to empower your accounting staff with the knowledge and skills necessary to effectively utilize your Tribe's organization’s accounting software.

Policy and Procedures

Streamline financial processes, strengthen controls, and enhance efficiency with our expert services. Optimize operations and build a solid foundation for your business's financial success.

Interim and Oversight Services

Ensure financial integrity and operational efficiency through our expert oversight and guidance. Our services will provide the support you need to maintain accurate and timely financial reporting.

Transformative Accounting Solutions

Streamline your financial processes with our innovative accounting solutions. Embrace digital transformation and optimize your workflows through process automation, system implementations, and paperless processing.

Financial Reporting Solutions

Streamline your Tribe's organization’s financial reporting with our automated solutions. Achieve transparency, compliance, and informed decision-making through our comprehensive suite of financial reporting services.